Art Opening

Opens November 1, 2014
Panel Discussion 4–6PM
Reception 6–8PM

Mezzanine Galleries
145 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA 90806
Armory Center for the Arts
Pasadena, California

Attunement pays tribute to artists who function on multiple frequencies. They flow through worlds, above boundaries, under surfaces, around obstacles, and inhabit the spaces in-between. We define their work as exceptionally rich, layered, complex, and in some ways “off the charts.” They communicate on multiple channels. In order to appreciate the messages fully, we must “tune in” to the ranges of expression that continue infinitesimally through space and time. We bring together an expansive show of paintings, photos, prints, text pieces, and video that are prone to resonate beyond ranges of audio and visual perception.

Co-Produced by Leonardo Bravo, River Jukes-Hudson, and David Shorter.

Leonardo Bravo is an artist, curator, educator, and the founder of Big City Forum, an interdisciplinary project highlighting creative practices across architecture, design, and contemporary art. BCF produces events in partnership with institutions such as the Skirball Cultural Center, Armory Center for the Arts, Otis Art Institute, Santa Monica Museum of Art, and LAX ART. Bravo is also Director of School Programs of the Music Center of Los Angeles, where he oversees the implementation of strategic arts education partnerships with districts and schools across Los Angeles County.

River Jukes-Hudson is an independent graphic designer who collaborates regularly with artists, curators, architects, writers, and other designers. She currently teaches Typography at Art Center College of Design. River co-directs Big City Forum with partner Leonardo Bravo.

David Shorter is a professor, filmmaker, curator, and consultant living and dying in LA. His areas of interest loosely overlap around ways of knowing through indigenous wisdom systems, the esoterica, and occult sciences. Dr. Shorter is currently Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the University of California Los Angeles.

On the day of the opening, Big City Forum will host a panel from 4-6pm. Join us for a discussion with Professor David Shorter (UCLA) and Attunement contributors about the practice of artists who flow through worlds, under surfaces, around boundaries, and inhabit the spaces between.

The Armory is directly next door to one of the city?s best wine bars, Everson Royce. They will be open from 10am?10pm on the day of our opening and we invite you to come raise a glass before the panel and of course anytime you see fit throughout the night.Armory Center for the Arts

145 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA 90806




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